You can create your dream outdoor spaces using interlocking pavers and clever landscaping.  Paving stones come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to select a shade that will enhance your existing landscape or home’s paint color.  California paver manufacturers are known for developing vivid colors that will stand out along with subtle shades that will blend into the natural environment.

Interlocking pavers are as durable as they are diverse. Here is why you should install them in your home.

  • Earthquake resistant.  Pavers are the earthquake resistant alternative to a concrete driveway, patio, or walkway.  Sand goes in between the pavers joints.  This allows them to move with the earth when needed.  In a seismic event, there is enough room for your paving stones to move so they won’t crack or break.
  • Environmentally friendly.  You can purchase permeable interlocking pavers.  These paving stones are designed to allow water to seep through the stone and into the earth, decreasing runoff and purifying the water as it goes through the gravel base.
  • Recycled materials.  By purchasing pavers made of recycled concrete you can decrease waste and help the environment.
  • Highly durable.  Paving stones are so strong that they can hold the weight of a firetruck without sustaining any damage.  They are the perfect solution for high traffic areas, places where your family likes to play, and entertaining patios.
  • Multiple design options.  Your interlocking pavers can be installed in a variety of patterns and designs.  They are much more diverse than concrete because you can incorporate multiple colors side by side.  When working with contrasting colors, you can create a basketball court, your family initials, geometric patterns and more.
  • Easy to clean.  Paving stones can be cleaned with a simple solution of detergent and water.  If you install pavers sealer, you can typically clean them with water only.  This makes it easy to remove stains and dirt that have settled over the winter.  Maintaining your pavers is a breeze.
  • Affordable.  Cutting Edge installs a wide variety of pavers.  We regularly run pavers specials so that you can save money on your overall project.  All of our prices include the cost of demolition and labor so you can easily budget for the entire project cost.
  • They age well.  Paving stones have been used for centuries.  You can see some of the original pavers lining the streets of old European villages, Spanish courtyards, and Roman roads.  They truly stand the test of time and age beautifully.  Unlike concrete and brick that can look worn and dated, pavers look rustic and sophisticated with age.

Interlocking pavers are the ideal solution for any home.  Whether you live in the country or city pavers will add beauty to your outdoor spaces.  If you want to increase your curb appeal, install a paver driveway.  If you want to create an entertaining space, install patio pavers.  If you want a safe and durable poolside, install pool deck pavers.  Whatever your outdoor needs are, pavers are the solution.  Call Cutting Edge today for your free consultation.