Segmental retaining walls consist of modular concrete blocks that interlock with each other. They are used to hold back a sloping face of soil to provide a solid, vertical front. Without adequate retention, slopes can cave, slump or slide. With the unique construction of segmental retaining walls, higher and steeper walls can be constructed with the ability to retain the force of lateral earth pressure created by the backfill soil.

Segmental retaining walls can be installed in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. They can incorporate straight or curved lines, steps, and corners. They are ideal for not only slope support, but also for widening areas that would otherwise be unusable due to the natural slope of the land. Retaining walls are often used for grade changes, and for other functional reasons such as widening driveways, walkways, or creating more space in a patio outdoor area.

Surprisingly, raised decks made from pavers and segmental retaining walls are an indestructible alternative to man-made composite decks and steps. Oftentimes, they are even more economical than natural wood.

Let us help you choose the type of wall that will compliment your home. Using retaining walls, we can also build steps, porches, garden walls, and retain and stabilize hillsides. We use licensed structural engineers to design walls as tall as you can imagine, suitable for submission to building departments.